SCS carries engineered welded wire and twisted wire mesh gabions of varying sizes for the purposes of soil stabilization, erosion control, flood control, and earth retention.



Gabion Baskets are rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road projects. They are also used for erosion control, bank stabilization, channel lining, and weirs.

Available in twisted wire or welded wire configurations, gabions are very easy to assemble, require no specialized labor and nearby rock can be used for fill. Gabions are available with different levels of protective coating for durability. With 30% voids, gabion structures offer free drainage providing higher bank stability when used in river bank protection.

Sizes Available: 

  • 6’x3’x3’
  • 9’x3’x3’
  • 12’x3’x3’

Other sizes available. Contact Specialty for pricing, availability and to answer any project specific questions you may have.



Reno Mattresses are used for river bank and scour protection, channel linings for erosion control, and embankment stability. They are filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures to promote rapid growth of natural vegetation. All the physical and mechanical properties of our Reno mattresses meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM A975-97.

Sizes Available:

  • 6’ x 3’ x 1.5’
  • 9’ x 3’ x 1.5’
  • 12’ x 3’ x 1.5’
  • 6’ x 3’ x 1’
  • 9’ x 3’ x 1’
  • 12’ x 3’ x 1’

Call Specialty for any project specific questions you may have and to inquire about pricing.

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