Product Information

Specialty Construction Supply carries a full line of erosion control products including erosion blankets, straw wattles, hydraulic mulch, and silt fences. You can navigate by category and learn more about products in our catalog below.

Product Information

Specialty Construction Supply carries only the highest quality products for all of your erosion control needs. We provide the best pricing in Idaho with an unbeatable selection. 

Our full erosion control product line includes erosion control blankets, hydraulic mulch, inlet protection, gabions, silt fences, and straw wattles. Erosion control and stormwater management are vital parts of any construction project. Planning and utilizing the right products will help avoid or minimize sediment, soil, and pollutants being carried through runoff water into water supplies.

For any questions about erosion control products, please call your local SCS office or fill out and submit the form to the right.

Learn more about our product lines in the following sections:


Erosion Control Blankets

SCS carries several types of erosion control blankets for a variety of uses including establishing vegetation and sediment control.


Hydraulic Mulch

Specialty Construction Supply stocks a variety of hydraulic mulch products that are used to protect exposed soil from erosion.


Inlet Protection

SCS offers several options for temporary inlet protection and sediment control for all stormwater systems and projects.



SCS carries engineered welded wire mesh gabions of varying sizes for the purposes of soil stabilization, erosion control, flood control, and earth retention.


Silt Fence

Silt fences are a sediment control device used as part of larger erosion control plans. These are used on construction sites and help protect aquatic resources from contamination.


Straw Wattles

We offer high quality straw wattles to use for erosion protection, sediment control, and much more.

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